About The Owner

Licensed & Bonded Roof Cleaner in Milwaukie OR

My name is Dennis Jossi and I am the owner of AAA Action Fast Services. I was born and raised in Milwaukie, Oregon. I attended University of Oregon on a wrestling scholarship, then transferred and earned my degree at Portland State University. In looking back wrestling made me more determined to work hard for my customers. The desire to do my best comes from my mom who raised six kids, worked and played golf competitively. My mom Mary was 2nd and 3rd in the Portland City Golf Tournament back in the late 60’s while she raised six kids and worked a full-time job. She always said “when you work for someone you give them your best no matter what you’re paid.” My dad Fred is 96 years old and played golf once a week until recently due to health reasons. I owe my hard work ethics to my wrestling and my parents example.

During the early 80s I was a substitute teacher and wrestling coach. During the summers I worked moving furniture. Eventually I started working on roofs, repairing and cleaning mostly shake roofs. In 1984 I obtained my roofing license and started my roof restoration business working as far away as Casper, Wyoming.

The Roof Shampoo® cleaning method opened my eyes to a better way to clean and maintain asphalt shingle roofs. It makes an amazing difference and is less messy than the standard power washing with the wand method. The Roof Shampoo® disk is gentle and slower than with the wand, but it has an even consistent wash that works miraculously!

I have not seen a better way than the Roof Shampoo® method of cleaning because it doesn’t just remove the moss from the butt ends and keyways of the shingles, it also removes the algae and dirt that is on top of the flat area of the shingle preventing moss from growing into the shingle and destroying it.

After cleaning a roof or a new asphalt roof is installed the roof at this point is what I call in the maintenance mode. The maintenance mode consists of keeping the roof and gutters cleared of lose debris and treating the roof when needed. Proper roof upkeep will aid in preventing moss from coming back and having to have it thoroughly cleaned again.

I love what I do, and believe in doing it right. I enjoy seeing my customers faces when they see their roof after I have cleaned it, I become the go to guy for roof maintenance, now that is customer satisfaction!

Thank you
Dennis Jossi