About Dennis


Dennis Jossi President of AAA Action Fast Services, Inc. At the age of 62 he still operates his company and performs most of the work and is on every job himself working. How is he still physically able to do such work? Check this website out, my wife and I have been on this product for 8 years now and because of this product that is native to the body, not a vitamin, mineral or a juice but is Redox Signaling Molecules that every one of your cells in your body produces but as you get older your body just does not produce enough of these Redox molecules that allows your body to better take care of itself like it did when you were very young. Go to: Jossi’s Health & Wellness and see for yourself.

AAA Action Fast Services carpet, rug, upholstery and roof cleaning restoration services.
Born and raised in the Portland Metropolitan area, attended Milwaukie, grade school, junior high and high schools. Dennis attended the University of Oregon on a wrestling scholarship then transferred to Portland State University where he graduated. Dennis substituted grades one through twelve and coached wrestling at the high school level while still competing in freestyle wrestling. There is a learning curb in all areas of work like Dennis’s secondary education degree. It wasn’t until Dennis student taught, that all the education that he took in college started to come together. In the teaching field Dennis started to come alive in understanding what it takes to teach. Coaching and teaching was very enjoyable for Dennis but during the summer months he had to find other work such as working for a moving company, at a grocery store and for a hotel chain traveling all over the country performing room detailing work and supervising hotel remodeling. Dennis’s first self employed work came in the late 1970’s when he started repairing, cleaning and treating roofs in the summer months that evolved into a full time occupation. Dennis married and with two boys went through a divorce leaving him to raise two boys on his own. Dennis, while raising his boys decided to go into professional carpet cleaning in 1994 in order to better schedule more time with his son’s.

Dennis, while performing professional carpet cleaning sometimes would be called to emergency water damage restoraton jobs to extract water in the mid 1990’s. Dennis was asked to perform water damage services for a large hotel that paid out over $100,000.00. When the hotel job was completed Dennis took certification classes dealing with water damage, carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning and expanded his knowledge in those fields knowing that he would be performing the work to the best of his abilities. Now with all the years of roof restoration, carpet cleaning, water damage jobs, Dennis is fine tuned into providing exceptional and affordable services from his company because he is on every job working it utilizing years of knowledge. There is nothing like on the job experience combined with education in the field you are working in. Attending a university and obtaining a degree is important, but until you put that knowledge to work by performing the work yourself, that’s when you really grow applying whats taught into action and becoming better.

​AAA Action Fast Services carpet, rug, upholstery & roof cleaning primarily in Clackamas County. The carpets and comp roofs that I clean are most always pre-treated then cleaned. If you are wondering which method of cleaning is best for carpet cleaning feel free to go to this link that manufacturer’s of carpets can agree on. http://www.maslandcarpets.com/forms/care.aspx