Roof Shampoo™

Roof Shampoo™ Cleaning in Oregon

AAA Action Fast Services roof cleaning / roof shampoo™ is a more gentle way to clean composition roofs. Roof cleaning in Clackamas County since 1978 makes me one of the earliest roof restoration cleaners in the business. Technology has come a long ways and this roof machine is just like my carpet  cleaning  machine that I use to clean carpets that are extremely dirty such as in heavy traffic areas. We also perform some tile roof cleaning and roof maintenance is highest on the rankings of importance because your roof protects everything in your home or your business. If water penetrates into your home or building, you risk the potential of major damage either by the water itself or mold growth.  Water is the life source for mold to grow and can be devastating thus causing much more damage to the house or building itself or contents inside. I have dried many homes and businesses that had water damage and would like very much to help you prevent such an accident. I do carry metering equipment testing for moisture in ceilings, walls, and floors upon request. With years of experience I perform most of the work to keep the standards of the work high. Feel free to call me for a free roof cleaning

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Roof cleaning composition shingles also known as asphalt shingles.


Amazing what a professional roof shampooTM can do for roofs.


Roof Shampoo TM Cleaning

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