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Cleaning Roofs in Clackamas County

Serving Clackamas, Gladstone, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Happy Valley, Oak Grove, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Damascus, Beavercreek, Canby and more.

Milwaukie, Oregon

Milwaukie, Oregon, is where I grew up and where I started cleaning roofs in the 1970s. I attended Milwaukie Elementary, Junior and High schools. I like to clean roofs in Milwaukie because I want to give back to the community.

Our Roof Disk cleaning method produces fantastic results! Roof Disk cleaning’s environmentally safe cleaning process is to pre-treat the roof and loosen the moss, helping it to be thoroughly cleaned by the disk process.

Let me clean your roof, clean out your gutters, and maintain your roof at a fraction of re-roofing costs. I’ve been cleaning roofs in Milwaukie for over 40 years! Call now for a free estimate at 971-570-3712.

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Clackamas, Oregon

Clackamas, Oregon, is a city that I work in due to its proximity to my home and where I grew up. There are a lot of large commercial companies in Clackamas, which has grown quickly, with Clackamas High School built in 2002. I know this area well after living here for 99% of my lifetime. Cleaning roofs close to home has many advantages and I have over 40 years of professional experience in this area. If you live in Clackamas and want your roof cleaned with my environmentally safe cleaning solution and cleaning disk that makes less mess when cleaning moss off your roof, then you should call me for a free roof cleaning proposal. I answer the phone, perform all the estimates and do the roof cleanings myself.

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Oregon City, Oregon

Oregon City is very close to my hometown and used to be known for the Oregon City Paper Mill on the Willamette River at the Willamette Falls. Many of my Oregon City roof cleanings are asphalt shingle, also known as composition roofs. As the owner of AAA Action Fast Services, I will come to your location for a free roof inspection and prepare a bid for a Roof Disk cleaning or other roof cleaning services that I will perform myself, giving you the full benefit of my 40 + years of experience! I also provide a roof maintenance program for recurring needs such as loose roof debris removal and gutter cleaning services. Call me now at (971) 570-3712.

  • Get an Estimate for Roof Cleaning in Oregon City
  • Get an Estimate for Roof Cleaning in Oregon City

Gladstone, Oregon

Roofs that I hand-clean have turned out amazing in Gladstone, Oregon! I also provide Roof Disk cleaninggutter cleaning, and loose roof debris removal. If you happen to have a lot of trees around your home or building, and the leaves have all fallen off your trees, I can provide you with yard leaves clean-up service, as well. I’ve been in business for over 40 years and will treat your roof like it was my own.

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  • Get an Estimate for Roof Cleaning in Oregon City

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Roof cleaning in Lake Oswego can be tricky for some, but not for me because of the Roof Disk cleaning system. Unlike the power washer wand, I use a cleaning disk that does not shoot the moss all over but generally cleans the roof under the disk that rinses the moss and dirt down into the gutters. With homes that are close to each other, like in Lake Oswego, it is important to keep the roof cleaning as contained and least messy as possible. Some roofs need a combination of hand cleaning and Roof Disk cleaning, and that is why I walk each roof myself to see which types of cleaning are best for each roof. I do not base my bids on drone or satellite pictures, or by guessing from the ground. Periodic roof debris removal minimizes moss growth by allowing the rain to run off your roof into your gutters and down your downspouts without any obstruction from roof and gutter debris build-up. One last thing: be wary of gutter leaf protectors. Most of my customers who have gutter guards ask me to remove them and wish that they had never had them installed. The money paid to install ineffective gutter guards could have been spent on gutter and roof debris maintenance over the years, improving property value.

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  • Get an Estimate for Roof Cleaning in Oregon City

West Linn, Oregon

West Linn, Oregon, is just across the Willamette River from my hometown of Milwaukie. I have been cleaning roofs in this area for over 40 years. In West Linn, most roofs are close together, just like in Lake Oswego, and care has to be taken to not splatter loose moss all over the place. My Roof Disk contains the moss while cleaning, keeping it under control for minimal over-spray. I prepare the roof before any cleaning starts and take extreme care in the cleaning process. I am the owner and operator, so you only have to deal with me through this whole process. If you have a lot of trees around your home and you have a lot of leaves that fall on your roof and gutters, ask about my roof and gutter maintenance services.

Call me for a free roof inspection if you have moss on your roof.

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Damascus, Oregon

Over the years I have noticed that metal roofs are more common in the outlying and rural areas, like Damascus. I was fortunate to clean a resort in Damascus, Oregon, and as you can see in this picture the cleaning process was amazing. Disk cleaning metal roofs is much safer for me and easier on the roof because I  don’t have to walk all over the roof like I would if I were using a wand power washing system. There seems to be a movement toward these metal roofs, but the most common roof type in Damascus is Asphalt shingle, which is why I purchased the rights to use the Roof Disk cleaning system! Removing moss helps a roof last longer. For a free roof inspection and cleaning, proposal call Dennis Jossi at 971-570-3712.

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Canby, Oregon

This roof I cleaned in June of 2021 is a great example of just how well the environmentally friendly Roof Disk cleaning system works. A nice, even clean with no streaking. As you can see, this Canby roof is steep and would be very difficult to walk on. The Roof Disk allows me to clean difficult roofs safely from a few mostly stationary positions. If I can keep from walking all over a roof, especially a steep roof, I won’t disturb the granules of the asphalt shingles by sliding and slipping on them. There are many different methods for roof cleaning, and I primarily use only two methods, Roof Disk and hand cleaning where it is needed. Many roofs need both types of cleanings, and that is why I come in person and inspect your roof.

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Beavercreek, Oregon

Beavercreek, Oregon, is another neighboring city to my hometown of Milwaukie, Oregon. The roof in the picture is a roof that I cleaned with a Roof Disk, and now I maintain the roof periodically with my debris removal and gutter cleaning services. I had to clean off tree limbs and leaves before I began cleaning the roof. Look at the fantastic Roof Disk cleaning system in the picture above. What a big difference it made for this roof.

I have had 40+ years of roof cleaning and maintenance. If you would like a free estimate, call me at 971-570-3712.

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For more information, contact AAA Action Fast Services by calling (971) 570-3712.
You can also fill out this online contact form if you have any further questions, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Diligent and thorough

    Roof cleaned of moss and other debris. Excellent work; diligent and thorough. Would use again and recommend to anyone.

    — Don Bulow, Lake Oswego, OR.

  • Friendly and meticulous

    Dennis showed up on time (a day early in fact) and completed the task as needed in a professional way. He was friendly and meticulous.

    — Steve B., Damascus, OR.

  • Made it look spectacular

    My really big, cement tile roof needed deep cleaning and these guys made it look spectacular. Not an easy job, there were no complaints, up-selling or extra charges. I did give them a tip for a job well done and expect to retain their services from here on out.

    — Edward H., Milwaukie, OR.

  • Highly recommend

    Dennis did a great job. We hired him to clean the roof and gutters. After looking at the house he suggested two different options considering the condition of the roof which definitely fit the bill. We are very pleased and highly recommend his services. We actually will hire him again to clean our carpets.

    — Ulli T., Lake Oswego, OR.

  • A real professional

    Dennis is a real professional. He took photos and worked up a plan before making a bid. He worked like a youngster, even after dark up on our third level roof! I would heartily recommend his work to anyone needing roof or gutter cleaning. He cleaned up every bit of debris. We will 100% use him again.

    — Barbara B., Lake Oswego, OR

  • Looked like a brand new roof

    I needed moss and debris cleaned off of a roof for a real estate transaction, I was only given about a week to do so, in the worst weather possible. Dennis took the job and completed it in the worst weather conditions and it looked like a brand new roof! He even completed some much needed repairs on the roof while he was up there without us even asking! I will use him for this every time now! Great experience.

    — Brittany G., Milwaukie, OR

  • Work Ethic

    'Work Ethic' is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about my experience in hiring Dennis to de-moss my roof. He did a fantastic and thorough job, and even though the job took much longer than he expected, he made sure to let me know what was going on throughout the process and took great care to leave the premises clean. The roof looks great, and I will certainly give him a call next time I need work done. Thanks!

    — Daniel D., Oregon City, OR

  • Highly Recommend

    I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing roof cleaning.

    — Steve E., Lake Oswego, OR.

  • Straightforward and Thorough

    Dennis is very friendly, and by the time he was done treating our roof it felt like we'd been working with him for years. Very straightforward and thorough. Of the 5 bids I received, he was the only one that actually got up on the roof to look around and take some pictures before providing an estimate. From the time I confirmed his bid the job was done within 48 hours.

    — Kory K.

Roof Disk Cleaning

Roof Disk Cleaning is a green, eco-friendly roof cleaning solution for asphalt and fiberglass shingles. Roof Disk Cleaning does NOT contain dangerous chlorine bleach or phosphates. Roof Disk Cleaning method uses safe, effective, eco-friendly roof cleaning products to clean those ugly roof stains and will not harm any landscaping around your home.